Our health often seems to be the lowest priority in terms of where we spend our extra cash.  It’s great to save money, but the truth is that if you’re not healthy, you can’t be at your best to handle all the other things in your life–kids, job, playtime–and even just catching a cold can be costly.  Acupuncture can quickly, safely, and effectively treat most of the small ailments we’re presented with throughout the year.  Is your health a luxury item that you can afford to skimp on?

I refer here to “luxury” in the context of something that you could give up and still maintain your lifestyle.  Things like a weekly manicure, daily Starbucks, and yearly exotic vacation fall into this category.  But although acupuncture treatments may not be fully covered by your insurance, and a weekly treatment can pinch the wallet just a little, having a familiar relationship with your acupuncturist can save you money in the long run.

Try to seek out your acupuncturist as soon as you feel a cold coming on, or when your allergies start to act up in the spring–most people still head to the pharmaceutical aisle at the drug store, where you can find relief from symptoms, but not an actual cure.  Acupuncture’s focus on the cause of disease rather than symptoms can address both the tickly nose and the reason for the tickle! Many people keep a seasonal appointment with their L.Ac. and get a tune-up four times a year to avoid allergy flare-ups or seasonal flu.

Another area acupuncture excels in is stress management.  Many of you have probably noticed that if you’re stressed, it’s easier to catch cold or feel physically unwell.  Stress also produces its own symptoms, such as digestive issues, loss of sleep, and muscle tension, which themselves can reduce your quality of life.  Relieving stress and allowing the body to relax and heal itself can prevent illness, and preventing illness saves time and money.

I’d like to see acupuncture take its place as a cornerstone of preventative care in the medical world.  And if it is a little late to prevent an illness from coming on, acupuncture can often help alleviate the symptoms of a number of common ailments.  Either way, acupuncture deserves a place squarely at the center of your health-care regimen.  Your health deserves to be a high priority in terms of money and care spent, as it forms the bedrock of a healthy and productive life.

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