It’s getting cooler in Chicago, windows are closing, the heat is going on, and cold and flu season is here.  It seems inevitable that you or someone you know will catch a bug of some sort, and depending on how much time you have to spend around other people, odds are high you’re either going to catch it from that person, or spread a cold of your own.  Misery loves company, and the pharmaceutical and facial tissue companies of the world love cold and flu season.

Make this year different by keeping your acupuncturist in mind!  I highly recommend that my patients come in for treatment at the beginning of every season for a tune-up, and fall and spring are the two that really shouldn’t be missed.  If you have any imbalances, we can sort those out and get you strong and healthy to survive an office full of sneezing and coughing.  You might benefit from going on a formula for a week or two, because taking herbs helps extend your treatment for days longer than your acupuncture session alone.

If you’ve already started to feel that tickle in your throat, let me know that you might be coming down with something, and come in for a treatment!  We should be able to knock most colds out with some acupuncture, a formula, and maybe a few dietary adjustments.  In many cases, there was a reason you were susceptible to that particular cold, and we can talk about ways to avoid catching any more this season.  Acupuncture reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system, which will help you recover faster and feel better while doing it.

If you’re on the road to recovery but still feel fatigued, achy, or congested, make an appointment!  Chinese herbal medicine can easily treat congestion, achiness, or sore throat without the side effects common to pharmaceuticals.  There’s no reason to suffer this cold and flu season with acupuncture and Chinese herbs on your side.  Write me or give me a call if you have any questions, and book your fall appointment today!

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