head shotI am an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner operating in Roscoe Village, Chicago.  I have been renting space at the beautiful location of Tribe: A Healing Arts Collective since I graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with my Master’s in Traditional Oriental Medicine. I have been licensed and in practice since the fall of 2014.

What drew me to Chinese medicine eight years ago is that it is a system that treats every patient as an individual. Everyone who comes through my door receives an individual diagnosis, treatment, and herbal formula because the reason they are coming to see me is unique to that person. I enjoy partnering with my patients to find ways for them to feel more connected to their bodies and more comfortable and healthy every day.

I am very interested in working with people who find that emotional issues are causing them physical symptoms. For example, maybe you dread an upcoming test or review at work, and you lose your appetite. Or maybe you are about to change jobs and you find that you get a headache every time you think about it. Chinese medicine has beautiful and poetic ways to explain why these things happen in your body, and I’d love to work with anyone who would like to find an answer and relief from these issues. I also treat pain, allergies, PMS, and many other maladies.

My hobbies include playing the fiddle, indoor rock climbing, reading, hiking, and biking. I enjoyed a career in technical theater and lighting design in Orlando and Chicago before starting my Chinese medicine studies, and still work a few shows on occasion. Although I live in the big city, nature is a very important part of my life and practice. I love to take lessons from my experiences in the natural world and use them to illustrate how the body functions. 


Would you like to learn whether acupuncture and herbs can help you? Write to me at MGGaskinLAc@gmail.com to schedule a consultation or treatment today!

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