What is moxibustion?

 Moxibustion is a technique primarily used to warm channels or points.  It is performed by using mugwort, a Chinese herb, that has been packed into a cigar or some other shape or form to be burned.  Mugwort, or moxa as it is called when prepared for this purpose, burns steadily at a high temperature.  There are a variety of ways to apply this heat to the skin.  A common one is the moxa cigar, which the practitioner holds close to (but not touching) the skin, and can move up and down a channel or circle over a particular point.  There are also moxa holders of various shapes and sizes, which can be used over a larger area of skin to warm a body part.

Heating a point with moxa tonifies that point without needling it.  Heating a channel is usually done when the patient feels pain, coldness, or some type of deficiency along that pathway.

Moxa sticks are sometimes given to a patient to take home and use during the week, between treatments.  Always take advice from a licensed acupuncturist regarding whether moxa is appropriate for your situation, and follow instructions that they give you.